Rental Homes in Leadville: Houses & Apartments

General Information and Policies

I am a professional Land Lord with over thirty years of experience in the Leadville market.  I have learned that by giving tenants a fair deal and maintaining the property we both benefit.  In that spirit, I offer the following guidelines:

The Four Rules (in addition to the Golden Rule):

  1. Pay the rent on time.
  2. Keep the place in good shape.
  3. Be nice to the neighbors
  4. Report any problems.

It's simple.

Applying: So that prospective tenants can assure me that they can live up to the above Four Rules, I ask that they supply me with at least two references from previous Land Lords who are neither relatives nor intimate friends.  In the absence of these I may consider other references, but with less reliance.  I also require that prospective tenants be gainfully employed or be able to demonstrate ample financial resources including supplying me with a copy of their credit score.  While I am happy to provide rental information and take references via the phone or Internet, I am unable to make commitments until prospective tenants have physically inspected any unit in which they have an interest.

First, Last, Deposit: Required, partly as a sign of your ability to pay rent and partly to protect me from possible problems.  So, you will need a total of three month's rent.  Fortunately, I do not make my living withholding unearned deposits.  Keep the Four Rules and I will graciously return your money.

Pets: NO PETS!  Because of multiple and serious problems with tenants' pets over the years, I am over it.  NO PETS!

Growing: Because of multiple and serious problems with tenants' illict marijuana operations over the years, regardless of the legality: NO GROWING!

Minimum Lease: Twelve months.  I may be flexible according to the season as I prefer to avoid vacancies in May and June.  After the term of the lease has expired, the tenancy automatically becomes a month to month tenancy requiring thirty days notice to terminate.  The deposit is not the last month's rent.

Utilities: I pay for water and sewer (and trash for the apartment building).  The tenant is responsible for electricity, gas, trash, and telecommunications.

Email William Korn at: wm.a.korn@gmail.com or telephone: 303-709-7050.